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I have the best followers god;;; 

Thanks to my amaaaazing followers and their generosity, I managed to replace my old hard drive and fix myself up a new computer! (AND IN TIME BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY WOO). I don’t know if y’all are comfortable with me dropping names, but you know who you are and you’re amazing people. Thanks again and happy holidays!!



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United Kingdom


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starspotter Featured By Owner Edited Oct 30, 2014
Dear Chikuto,
 One day, I was browsing deviantart for flash games when I came across your game. 'Oh, this looks interesting!' I said to myself, 'I love clockwork stuff!' Once I finished the game, I understood nothing and dismissed it, thinking it might be a bit confusing. A few days or so later, I decided that I would check out the character bios. It took me a while to understand, but I have no truly become a fan of yous. Whenever I wake up, I check your tumblr for a new comic. About the fact that it is very hard for you to create such things of angel's work, I wish you the best. How you create these things is a mystery (That and how you create hands. THEY ARE TERRIBLE.) Each of your characters is great, with the emotions and such to each of the reactions to things (I'M SORRY IF THIS SOUNDS WEIRD, BUT IM TRYING TO CREATE A FANFIC WITH YOUR CHARACTERS AND MINE IM SORRY SORRY SORRY. IM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT STALK YOU, I CANT EVEN GET TO THE STORE WITHOUT MY PARENTS PERMISSION) So now as I watch television, eating a melted cheese and chicken sub, I thank you. Best of luck to you about each of your comics. Bless you,
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stigiophobic Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i really love your comic, its full of incredible backgrounds and really interesting and cute characters vuv i wish you the best of luck with it!! and also i dont know exactly whats going on with your back but i really hope everything is okay and that you are back to full health soon!
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SirDNA109 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish you the best of luck during your surgery. I want to say more but I can't at this moment. Please know that there are people in this world who wish you nothing but the best of health and the swiftest recovery. 

Please feel better and keep making comics!
NiffStral Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
NinjaSoulMasamune Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist
Sorry for asking. But, you did a fanfic on tales of symphonia two world combined.right?

I have an idea you took it away, but I was just asking if you have it some where you still can read it, I love to read it.
Sorry~ ^^" if i'm bothering you.:iconinusadplz:
hollyphoenix Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Artist
U'VE BEEN HUGGED!! *Hug* Let me Hug You Boy
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ChiisanaSmile Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Helloooo, I played your visual novels for christmas and halloween and I have fallen in love with your works sdfghjk I hope you gets betterererrer because being sick suuuucks. Especially for that long, I think it would drive me crazy.
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Windia-NataHime Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hi there Nice art. and get well soon
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Nino-Umaka Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I drew you a thing....I hope you like it!
Chikuto's Boris by Nino-Umaka
PirateArrowXAB Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Writer
Hey, have no been addicted to your stuff for a day! Was really sorry to hear that you were sick, I hope that yo feel better soon and everything works out. Take your time on the art front; your health is the most important thing here!
(also, is it ok to be in love with gaz?)
LostAngel567 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014   Digital Artist
Hope you feel better soon!…
BombTheDodongo Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Wanted to say I'm sorry for raping your gallery and probley blowing up your message box XD
Shiro-san12 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I am sorry if it sounds strange, but I adore your work. Keep on working! Please! 
Lozey Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chikuto I had this really super weird dream last night and you were in it so I thought I'd tell you about it.

I met you in my ceramics room at my school and I was like "cool art yo." and you were like "yeah thanks" and we kinda just parted ways but then things got really weird when this portal into the past opened up in the connecting art room and all of a sudden you and I were the only ones there and so we decided to go into the portal and it threw us into like a part of WW2 and we were both pretty much like "oh crap we fricked up." and we tried to get back but we couldn't and then, first, your characters came alive (like Alexander, Cog, and all the rest) but they were soldiers in the war and then some of my characters came to life and they were soldiers too and we got to talk to them which was cool but we needed to find a way back to the future and suddenly a trail of people's are throughout the ages appeared so we decided "Why not" and followed it and we got back to the present and we had this magical medallion that allowed us to bring our characters to life if we get in trouble so we kept it and then I woke up.

So yeah
Had a dream with you in it but since I don't know what you look like it was like a mix of Char and the little cartoons you've drawn of yourself but in real life it was strange. 
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